Leadership Taekwondo Reviews

Master Heath is excellent with the kiddos. She expects a lot but does it kindly - the kids learn respect and how to follow commands. It's a fun way for kids to get moving, learn leadership skills, and build confidence.


Melody Oertle

My kids have learned so much from Master Heath and the skills she teaches. Master Heath has an incredible rapport with her students and provides them with skills beyond Taekwondo techniques. They learn respect, kindness, commitment, perseverance, and confidence. We love Master Heath and Leadership Taekwondo!

Jenny Petersen

Kids Martial Arts West Jordan

Master Heath is great with the kids. She keeps them active and working towards goals, all while keeping the "work" fun and engaging. Friendships are made at Leadership Tae Kwon Do- with parents and students! The adults class is also great fun! I feel more confident in self defense and have been able to work on strength without the normal "boring" workouts. Fun and valuable for all ages!

Jill Ian

Kids Martial Arts West Jordan

Master Heath is the best instructor. She works so well with children. My son has improved his self esteem, and he is willing to do the moves in front of the class. It has been such a fun class for him. I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

Holly Brand

Jennifer Heath and the other helpers work so well with the children. My son loves her class and has been in Taekwondo for many years with Jennifer and feels so comfortable and confident. I highly recommend Leadership Taekwondo. Love the Mackay’s!!!


April Mckay

Kids Martial Arts West Jordan

We have taken class from Miss Heath for several years. Miss Heath is great with the kids and classes are always fun! As a member of the adult class I feel more confident in self defense and and have increased stamina and energy. Highly recommended!

Jill Nigbur

I have 2 grandkids enrolled in the school. The instructor, Master Heath has exceptional teaching and kid skills. Over the last couple of years we have been attending, I have seen improvement in their self control, self esteem and positive attitudes. I highly recommend the school.


John Rassmusen

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